If at first you don’t succeed try try again

This could be my mantra for life- Trying and trying and well let’s see that also means failing and failing and failing- but gotta try and try again.  This blog is one of those try try again things- I don’t know why for sure but I’ve felt prompted that I need to keep up my blog.  It’s been confusing for me because part of me is like- blogs are kinda dead- no one really reads them and mainly what they go to the sites for is for something that they found on pinterest, so why do I feel the need to keep up a blog that also has personal posts on it?? I’m not sure- and I don’t understand but I’ve learned that if I trust those feelings usually it’s for a reason even if it’s not exactly what I expect. I’ve felt guilty too- because I’ve had the feeling for awhile but I’m like– what do I even talk about? I ain’t got time for this 🙂 I feel like I”m drowning with my normal life and the things I already take on.

But the excuses stop today 
Gonna go and do and try! 

So how’s life my blogger friends? Busy? Mine too- I feel like the world has sped up and I’m running full speed ahead. I’m also having some struggles adapting to my ever changing roles in life.

All of my kids will be in School next year and it seriously has me feeling panicked- do you know how long it’s been since I’ve been on my own {over a decade!}- or shopped by myself- it feels weird, {like who do I talk to when I shop- or who covers for me when I’m talking to myself, or who do I blame on the bathroom trip when I gotta go?} I mean really the little one will only be in half a day which really is more hassle then break but i still feel that little bit of panic. Have I treasured my babies enough? All the older mommies say I’ll love it but change is always hard!

Also I have a freaking TEENAGER! help! It’s been going ok and I feel like me and him have a really good relationship but at the same time- there are so many new challenges and concerns. Also the letting go of control – Never realized how much really of a control freak I am- It’s a learning experience for us both- and everyone knows that usually learning experience translates to growing experience and growth is never really comfortable. Being a parent is school in training- sometimes I think we view parenthood as we have it together and now we are going to train other little beings how to have it together- when really we are both training each other in different areas of life- I’ve learned more as a parent then I ever would have not being one.

Let’s see what else has been going on in a quick recap-
Dave lost his job this summer – McAfee did the awesome thing where they decided to close their office, didn’t give anyone any notice and just layed off more than half the office one Monday morning. {the rest would get to keep their job if they decided to move) That was exciting-  It actually was ok- I felt a lot of peace through it and I think a lot of it was because I had followed guidance- we had emergency savings- we had built up our year food storage- we have tried to stay out of debt and keep a good budget- are we perfect- heck no! and I still mess up that budget a lot- dang Amazon! 🙂 but overall I had peace that we would be where we needed to be and things would work out- and they did! Dave found a job at Navex and is enjoying the new challenge.

We also just barely added a new member to our Family- technically it is Payton’s (since he says he’s going to pay me back) She’s a cute little Yorkie- Ewok is what he named her. She’s tiny and pretty much sits on my lap while I babysit her all day. I’m excited for a new puppy- but not excited for the training of a new puppy- ugh

That’s been life pretty much- work on house projects, try to be a mom and keep it all together- Fit photography in when I can manage it- Still try to learn how to cook- {yep still stink at consistently doing it} See something fun and want to do it so I add on extra stress {craft fair anyone!?} and jump through a million different hobbies because somehow being overwhelmed I still get bored- how that works I don’t know

Anyways I am excited to Blog again and ramble to myself a lot- I promise this blog won’t just be personal things- I still love to do projects and to share tutorials ect. but the most important thing is that I am going to start and keep trying- we all know there will be a little failing occasionally because that is just what happens- but I will TRY! and TRY again – like always!





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It’s Coming!! Can you feel it?

It’s Coming!! Can you feel it?

Fall- Autumn– SNOW!!—– The snow part is what has me outside everyday trying to get all the outside projects done before it flies- because it’s coming!! AHHHH- I’m not ready!

While I’m excited for pumpkins and fall and spices and being stuck inside getting to read by the fire- I have a lot of unfinished outside projects that I want-ha- NEED to get done! 🙂

Project Uno-
Our Garden Shed—it’s been fondly named “The Bloody Garden Shed” {must be said with a nice british accent} since I may have made the doors look like someone was shot and killed there while I was trying to figure out what red paint to use— yes the Garden Shed needs painting— hey we only built it 2 years ago– 2 years is a reasonable amount of time to finally getting around to painting it right– ugh I feel so shameful right now 🙂fallprojects-2

Our Garden Fence— It looks so pretty right! 🙂 I love it– that is until I walk around to the backside– the side I just never quite got around to painting yet—- I am beginning to think I might have a problem with painting our outside projects


and Tres-
The Coop–aka the Never ending coop Project- So far the coop has been one of those– step by step just barely managing what we need to get done so the chickens are good- kind of projects. Our last step was to build the run because we had quite the case of wondering Chickens- Our other free range chickens always stayed in our yard and mostly in our backyard trees– these well I think we made them too friendly:) They loved my front porch and I quite often came home to them hanging out with our dog just chilling on the porch?! and then they thought it was so fun to visit all our neighbors- I said hey we are running a “neighborhood insect removal special” but when cars started having to stop to let the herd of chickens across the street 🙂 well it was time to teach them where home is. fallprojects-4

fallprojects-1-2fallprojects-1The Neighborhood Bug Exterminators 🙂 fallprojects-1-3

I can do this- I can beat the Snow- maybe– hopefully– well at least I’m trying! What projects are you guys working on trying to beat the snow?

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A Fresh {New} Start

sofreshandclean-01I had my old blog Bits of Bliss for 7 years and I loved it but it was messy!  Messy messy messy and drove me nuts! — I had posts on it with quizzes and some that had lost their pictures because of the great delete clean up I mistakenly did {don’t delete pictures off of your google account {ever never ever} they are directly connected to your blogger blog- it will make you cry and be so sad 🙂 but ya and it just had a lot of stuff that was silly and than it mainly became just a way to keep family updated on our life and kids and not so much fun projects and well being OCD like I am- it really was driving me nuts. All that stuff and I didn’t know how to make it all clean and new–

So here we are!  A new beautiful blog with a new name and pretty branding that I had fun designing.  I’m bringing over our projects posts from my other blog but that’s pretty much it.

Ahh the smell of new, clean, and fresh- I love it!

I plan on this being my little place in the world– I have a passion for projects and doing them seriously makes me giddy! I also love to take photos for no other reason than to just take a beautiful photo- and well being a mom who spends 99% of her day at home cleaning up messes and taking care of little ones- sometimes I need an outlet that I can make pretty, {I love designing stuff} and that I can say hey look I did something today that hopefully will last for more than 5min {you know what I’m talking about- right?!} While I hope to post stuff that you can use,{ ideas, tutorials, recipes}-This will also a mommy blog so I know I will post things that are for me too – photos of of my kids, fun family things we do, opinions or thoughts that I have and It’ll probably become a place to keep me accountable with somethings I’d like to improve on. Overall I’m just excited to start blogging again- I’ve missed it, and I’ve missed getting to share a side of myself not many people see {the curse of being socially shy} and getting to meet and have friends from all over the world through my blog. Here’s to new beginnings! Happy new blog day!

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Fabric flower pom poms mobile tutorial

pompomcoverphoto-01For my last child I put my foot down and said ” I am going to decorate a nursery!” The other kids we have either had to have share a room, or we’ve been in the middle of moving homes, not the last one though- I finally got to put together a nursery.

I loved putting things together for sweet Millie’s room, sewing her quilt and making all the headbands and just getting ready for her. I wish I could have done more but pregnancy’s always slow me down and with each child they’ve seemed to get more difficult. bleh. Anyways

One of my favorite quick and easy projects for her room was making the pom pom mobile- and I think it turned out so cute!pompomtutorial-12

I used fabric scraps I had left over from making her quilt so it was all matchy matchy and cute 🙂pompomtutorial-4

Supplies that you need are:
Hot glue gun,
1/2 of an Embroidery hoop{not pictured}
Fabric Circles {about 16-18 circles of each, and I used different varieties of fabric and cut them all to different sizes they are forgiving just have fun with it }
and a scrap fabric to use as a base- cotton, felt –whatever works–pompomtutorial-5

Step one is to cut your strings to about the length you want them to hang- I made sure I had plenty
{I also used a vintage string that Dave’s Grandmother used to crochet with-since she had passed away recently it was kinda my special way of bringing her memory to the room}
Than you just want to glue the string to the center scrap fabric circles you are using as the basepompomtutorial1

Step two is the make the fabric circles  – fold in half, and than fold in half again- and than glue to the circle- if you have fabric that is only printed on one side you may want to reverse which side is showing on each layer


Glue two rows of layers and than one in the middle to pop outward and make the poof 🙂pompomtutorial-6

Turn over and repeat.


Repeat | Repeat | Repeat |
until you have as many cute little pom poms as you want for your mobile


Than just tie your strings to an the embroidery hoop- we looped them around a bit until they were at the height I wanted each to be at.
Than we tied four strings for the top to hang down and tied them together at the top, and since we are super classy and high tech {not} we hung it to the ceiling with a push pin- hey it worked and  this mobile is super light, you don’t need anything too fancy- just make sure it’s high enough not to be messed with

And Wallah- it’s done!


For the rest of Millies Nursery I added a doily banner with embroidery hoop art,pompomtutorial-9
and pretty painted frames as headband holders
Overall pretty simple, bright and clean- just the way I like it!


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Building Garden boxes

This post shall also be known as — Ali’s adventures in learning how to garden -and boy are they going to be adventurous- adventurous in mistakes that is

I really do want to know how to garden and grow pretty flowers but honestly my attempts so far have been well…… sad {weedy, not pretty, a lot of giving up and a lot of dead, water deprived plants involved }
It is just not something that comes naturally to me. Being my stubborn self the only way I am going to learn how to really do this and remember how to do it is to just figure out on my own what works for me! And If I’m going to try something I want it to be beautiful– and functional– but mainly beautiful.  I like to do things when it involves making something pretty and organized.

So step number one for me- Making a garden I actually wanted to be out in weeding and maintaining.

The first step is you have to go out and stand in your yard for long periods at a time- just standing and staring- until the neighbors come to their windows and start staring at you too- than it’s probably time to go inside, or get a kid outside to make it look like your doing something

Next you want to start laying boards out in random patterns- {that will really get your neighbors wondering- the brave ones will even come ask if everything is alright, and your cat will think all the flags are brilliant new toys to play with}garden boxes laid out

Than eventually you build the beautiful boxes- we just used 2×6’s for the boxes since we were going to be doing something similar to < Square foot Gardening  { Loved this book and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start gardening without feeling like your making a farm that you will never be able to maintain!} I also wanted something pretty for the plants to climb up so we built the small arbor with 4×4 posts for the legs, 2×6 boards on the top with just a rough drawn design cut out on them and 1×2’s spaced along the top-

garden boxes unpainted

Since I wanted my plants to actually survive and one of the main reasons my other gardens had failed was watering- {hey I would just forget for a day, or maybe a week or possibly a month- come on plants you gotta be strong, adaptable  } So in went a little watering system- which looked way complicated but in the end was really pretty simple {pretty much a hose with little hoses coming off of it in each box}

Garden box water

See the lovely pipe in the Rocks- it goes around the garden like a little maze…..this was when I had a slight lapse of remembrance that weeds love rocks and thought “Hey, we can just use the leftover pile of rocks we got” love learning by mistakes- well no, not really but I seem to learn best that wayGarden box with rocks

Eventually we got the water in, built the fence { posts with wire and 1×4’s} stained the boxes and painted the fence and arbor,put up the netting for the arbor {we used a similar local product to this Trellis Netting } and my favorite part –we were able to use a beautiful old gate that my Uncle let us have that was left on their property when they bought their home…garden fence

Did I mention how much I love the gate– Just Love itGarden fence gate

And Wallah- My pretty garden- that I love!  It still needs work, and I have plans for rose bushes to be climbing up that fence and a old brick path through the arbor, but Slow and Steady- and Squirrel {look at this other project to do} yup that’s about how we roll – someday though…..Gardenboxeswithfence

But I  have had lots of fun so far with my garden produce– so much prettiness! gardenplants


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