Hey- we are the Fosters,

The crazy family behind this blog. Mainly it’s me Ali but I like to pretend that my whole family is involved in this blogging process! We are a family of six {not including the many animals that keep multiplying around us on our little pretend farm} We come from a small country town in Idaho and love it here! We have an addiction to getting stuff done and love making changes, improvements and creating!

So why the homemade Roost? We moved into our new home and were able to get Chickens and I instantly fell in love with them– I’ve turned into a Crazy Chicken Lady. The Roost is where the Chickens go to be safe, to rest, and it’s a place that they love. I want my Home to be that for my family and friends. A scripture I have always tried to emulate in my home is D&C 109:8 “Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing, and establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God;” That is my goal and this is where I share my life- I hope to inspire, be real, and hopefully make you smile occasionally.  Life is beautiful and I believe we are all capable of creating and improving our Roosts.

Wanna Know More?
Well If you happen to drop by you would most likely find us gone, hiking, fishing, camping or being drug out by “mom” to take some cool photos somewhere. If you do catch us at home we’re gonna be likely covered in paint and sawdust with dirty faces and messy hair, but super excited about the next project we are doing.  Or of course there’s always the chillaxing on the computers drinking dew and eating nutella — {it’s really the best- you should join us!}
We have way to many things we are interested in and hobbies that we want to learn about and pursue {design, rebuilding trucks, building furniture, hand lettering, painting, website design, sewing and it goes on and on } but we try to always remember what is most important, to slow down and enjoy the time that we have to raise our beautiful children and be together!

If you feel so inclined to see what I do in my other spare time you can check out my photography page at  AliFosterphotos.com


Thanks for stopping by, if you have questions or just want to say HI! feel free to contact me- I like mail