Decisions- Decisions- Decisions {what paint and lighting and mantle to choose}

We passed our electrical inspection! {Yay! Yay! Happy Happy Joy Joy!} which means we’re getting on to the fun stuff- the stuff I have tried to avoid thinking about because I didn’t want to get my hopes up that I’d eventually ever get to make these decisions- it’s now time! 🙂
Now that it is finally time to make them though I gotta admit- I’m a little paralyzed– so many choices!
Plus there’s dealing with the fact that we have
Dave’s style………..  {lots of wood, very warm colors- very traditional}
and than we have my style…………. {white, bright, a bit more modern}
and someway- somehow I gotta make these mesh and us both happy 🙂
It’s gonna be a little challenging!
I know what colors I’d paint the house- but it’s also a matter of finding them on the little cards and getting the  “A Ok” from Dave about them {I am in no way or form allowed to use grey he’s decided} I’m looking for a warm taupe grey brown 🙂 anyone know of one? Ya It’s gonna be interesting
One of the most pressing matters though right now is our Mantle for the fireplace
I generally kinda know what I want to do- but you’d be surprised how many stinking very similar variations you can come up with of almost the same design 🙂
Yep did these last night– Now I’m more torn than ever on what to do.
I’m still pretty set on Brick in the middle  {not the whole wall}
{brick similar to this– even though I’ve never seen it with a wood mantle –or in person at all for that matter– and ya that makes me a little nervous- I love the look of the brick it just says home to me- so we are doing it!}
Dave’s already won the battle that the Mantle is going to be made out of Alder wood – I decided the darker medium stain though 🙂
Now if we can just figure out what it’s actually gonna look like 🙂
Oh Decisions Decisions— {I can’t complain to much though– cuz these are the fun decisions that I’ve been waiting forever it seems to start making 🙂 }
Oh Yay! – It’s a good day!
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