Every day I’m Spackilin Spackilin!

One day after working all stikin day on the house {like well pretty much everyday} we came home to this written on our fridge calendar–
{ Every day we’re shufflin….}
Needless to say we busted up laughing! Ally our niece left it for us! She’s so funny!
{if you have no idea what we’re talking about watch this}
 All that week though I couldn’t get the song out of my head as I was spacklin and caulkin
{everyday I’m Spackilin! Spackilin! 🙂 It made it go a little faster and more enjoyable to be shufflin while doin it 🙂 }
This week on the house we finished Trim work and built the bookcase’s in our living room {I love them!– they’ll eventually have base around them and a alder wood top with a craftsman column that goes to the ceiling}
The rest of the week really I spent spackling and caulking like crazy! My wrist hurt so bad from the caulk gun and my fingers still have a tingly numb feeling! {I was so thankful for the help we did get! I know I couldn’t have done it with out that and made it in time to paint on Saturday… so Thank You! Thank You! Shelley and Anne and the whole group that showed up Friday night!}
 On Saturday we got all the primer painted and the ceilings done! {Thank You Keri! }
 Next we have to spray the trim and the doors, than I get to spend the rest of the week rolling the walls 🙂
  I gotta admit I’m excited for the paint– I actually enjoy painting {the actual painting not the taping off and prep work for it — ugh} But I love seeing the colors go up on the walls!

We actually have about 10 different paint colors going in our house! {I know I might be crazy!} but some of those are accent walls and stuff– so ya 🙂 }

 After all the hard work of each day I still love going out and watching the sun go down each night– {especially with all the beautiful blooming trees right now! So pretty!}
 Some days I think we’ll never be done with this project and I’ll have to be a full time construction worker for the rest of my life– other days it seems possible we might actually get to make this a home someday soon! 🙂
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