House Progress {slow} +I hate doing tile

So we’ve been working….. just slowly
 I’ve never been a huge fan of tile– and while it’s not really that hard to lay– I just don’t like doing it {and neither does Dave}
So over Memorial weekend that was what we were up to…. laying the tile in our house
It was a miserable weekend…… raining and cold and Dave was a sick sick sickee boy…. so work was slow and torturous {we later found out he had pneumonia– ugh!}
Thankfully our Brother-in-Law Keri came over and helped us cut the tile otherwise I’m pretty sure we never would have finished it!
 I tried to make the best of it { Checking out my hubby’s butt while he works….. always a plus!  🙂 }
{Master Bath tile}
On Saturday and Monday we cut all the tile and laid it out,
{Kids Bath}
Than on Wednesday we thin set them in,
{Laundry room}
Than on Thursday and Friday I sealed the wood floor
 We were gonna try to put the last coat of poly on this weekend and grout the floor but…
We decided to take a break and went Camping up at Birch Creek instead! 🙂
{Now though vacation time is over and I gotta get to work again— another coat of poly here I come!}
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