House Status Update { Wood Floor}

So here’s the weekly house update 🙂
We’ve been working on the Wood Floor
 Isn’t it pretty! I love it! {yes I know we still need to sand it and finish it– but even unfinished I still love it!}
 I love all the characteristics in the wood, the darker one’s and the grain and the worm holes and ya just pretty much everything 🙂
 While installing the floor my main job was to cut boards and get them lined up and out in the pattern I wanted…. I loved looking through the stacks for my favorite boards and putting them in the floor in a spot that I knew I’d get to see them a lot 🙂
This one with the wavy curve is I’m pretty sure my fav. Favorite! So pretty!
We had most the floor done on the weekend { after a very long 14hr. Saturday}– but on Wednesday we finished off the Steps which had a bit of a chicken before egg thing going on with the Newel post– Let’s not talk about Wednesday it was a frustrating day and Thursday too—- We’ve just been a bit burned out on working on the house… ya just a little bit.
BTW though I Love the stairs– another one of  my favorite things in the house!
Anyhow Tomorrow we’re gonna be tackling all this in our house {the dreaded Tile}
 Here’s to another stinkin long Saturday– {bleh} I’m hoping Dave at least get’s feeling better {he’s a sickee tonight} Otherwise it is Really! gonna be a long day tomorrow.
Only 5 weeks left and hopefully this project will be over!
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