House update

Welcome to House update #586 🙂
Well… this is our Life right now….
Wake up. Work on house. Feed. Clothe. Take care of kids. Work on house. Clean up after kids. Sleep. REPEAT.
But I’m not complaining– because its so fun to see our house coming together and I enjoy the work.
We backfilled {when I say we I mean our amazing Dad and Uncle who I love to pieces– cuz shoveling those rocks by hand sucks badly.}
Also the kids have been pretty good helpers – I think they’ve had fun 2– those rock hills are quite the entertainment for them 🙂

 The floor got poured and they did an awesome job– It was very fun to watch.
 Than we built the bearing wall which we than had to unbuild and reconfigure cuz there was some slope in our concrete– That was fun.
 Putting the floor joists on– It was going very quickly until we hit the problem with the bearing wall and than oh my- the stairs issue.
 Oh my- the stair issue– It’s still a very frusterating issue– The way the architect had designed it was not how we wanted it {all boxed in like your walking to a dungeon and impossible to get furniture down } and we never did get thorough to him– ahhh– so we had to redesign them, talk to the inspector figure out if we’d have enough head clearance and a whole bunch of other headaches. Fun Fun.
Thankfully Dave bought me these pretties 🙂 Building a house is, I ain’t gonna lie, pretty dang hard on a marriage. many much decisions and all of the little differences you have really come out. But I Love my man and thankfully we still take some time for just us- and seeing him in a sexy toolbelt every night sure doesn’t hurt anything {gotta love a man in a toolbelt– yum :)}
 We finally put the floor on {I’m not ashamed to admit I danced a bit of a jig in my kitchen I was so excited }
 And right now were working on the exterior walls 🙂 It’s very very very fun to see them go up and get to see our house coming to shape.
And every Evening we get to see Idaho’s Beautiful Sunsets– It’s a good life.
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