House update #who cares I wish we were done :)

Well I know I’ve been quite the slacker on our house updates– I won’t lie our house is a stinkin mess right now!!!– We have so many projects going on the house and absolutely none of them are totally finished– {which is my biggest pet peeve and frustration! I hate leaving just a little bit left to be done– ugh}
One thing that is done though is our Cabinets!
We had Merrills with Merrill woodworking do them and I absolutely LOVE them! They did an amazing job and were great to work with {and I’ll admit it I had some kinda out there ideas and designs 🙂 } As far as recommendations go– these guys get five thumbs up from me 🙂
We did build the back of the bar wood wainscoting and so I’m still working on finishing that up— and we have lights that still need to get done– and appliances to put in– Like I said never ending little things.
 As part of our cabinets I had this file cabinet built and I’ve never been so excited to file some stuff 🙂
Master bath Cabinets– we still have to cut out the bottom shelves for the plumbing 🙂
I love the kids bathroom cabinets– {there’s also a huge linen closet in here that I forgot to take a pic of }
and the kitchen desk {ya a huge mess right now}
And our Study Desk– Merrills did the cabinets and we put on the wood top {I wanted kinda an old wood bench top look 🙂 }
Other stuff we’ve been doing.
trying forever to finish the electrical
and building many much built ins
 Our Mudbench {still needs paint and a wood top for the bench
Shelves and cubbies in our Mud closet
 Master Bedroom Closet Organizers
Organizers in the kids closets
Pantry Shelves
Our Living room Bookcases and Columns {ya still a lot of paint and stuff left to do}
I finally finished our powder room table {that is until Dave builds a shelf for it 🙂 }
and we are trying to finish up on the trim stuff
 The Mantle is 99.8% done 🙂
 and the Carpet is 100% done- {yippee ki yay!}
And the stairs railings from that firey burney place is pretty darn close to being finished {thanks to our nephew Reily helping all day yesterday! Thank you thank you thank you Reily!}
 So yes we’re close but oh so far– {I see a massive amount of painting and caulking and just “stuff” that takes time to get done left still  *sigh}
But really we’re getting closer to attacking the outside–
 which will definitely be a war that I hope we can win. {I can guarantee I’ll be getting me some sun 🙂 }
{*and just a side note cuz I know you’ll wonder………..  Why in the heck are we doing the outside right now before we move in?! Well it’s because at the beginning of this whole project on my list was Sod {cuz our kids haven’t had a backyard to really play in for close to 5yrs now!?} So in order to close on our loan and move in we have to put down the sod– which ya opens a whole can of beans for us to do on the outside– *sigh* yes I am tired and burned out and trying my best not to take another trip to breakdown city…. but we’re getting there right?! 🙂
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