Opinions. Opinions needed.

So we have this { the house-  the outside isn’t quite done yet :)}

Which has caused me to drink way to much of this lately {hmm yummy Mnt. Dew aka. my stress reliever}
 As I’ve tried to make about the million of zillion decisions that come with said house 🙂
Honestly I’m a little overwhelmed- I am a very visual person so to not be able to see something and make a decision just about kills me.
And I really am torn on what I want— Well let me rephrase that a little-
I know what I’d really want but I have to be reasonable here- gotta please Dave too and some things are just to expensive– Gotta be smart on what I want to spend  $$ on and what is just a bit too much of an  indulgence.
{I’m sure everyone can relate to that– I’d love to have bead board ceilings and exposed beams and wainscoting everywhere- but ya that isn’t likely going to happen– cept I almost have Dave sold on some bead board ceilings in a few years 🙂 yay! and I won’t lie I do have quite a bit of wainscoting already planned  }
So here’s my big dilemma right now, and what’s holding me up a bit on making my other decisions,
{we really don’t have much tile going into our house- I’m a big hardwood floors fan!- but in our bathrooms and laundry room though tile is just more practical and smart.
Master Bath
 is pretty much decided– it’s a 18×18 tile that I’ll lay on the diagonal and we’ll edge around some area’s with this glass tile mixture- and the back splash will be the white subway tile. Easy simple- decision made I’m happy.
But than we have
The Kids Bath—— HELP PLEASE {pretty pretty pretty please}
the kids bath kinda has two separate area’s– one that has the tub and toilet- and than the other area that has the vanity and linen closet-
Here’s one of my really crappy sketchy drawings of what the vanity area is gonna look like.
 Dave likes big tiles {I think it has something to do with them being easier to lay 🙂 }
But I’d kinda like to do something fun—– I was thinking the mini mosaic tiles laid in the bath area and than bigger tiles in the vanity area with maybe a strip at the entry door way to unite the two.
Question #1
The mosaic tile has a bit of blue grey color – which is fine right now I’ll probably paint the walls blue anyways— but I know those colors will go out of style- and walls are easy to repaint– flooring though not so easy to redo.
Question #2
 Or should I go with the other tile style which has more neutral colors in it– do I do that all along in the bathroom area or do I just do stripes of it?
Question #3
 I really like the look of the vintage hex tiles and especially penny tiles should I just go with those–
 but than I worry about the care and clean up of them– that’s a lot of grout that can get dirty- and white– on a bathroom floor- do you think it’ll be very quick to get yucky- especially with little kids?
Or should I do something like this- with bars of glass tile and a neutral tile?
If you can’t tell I am having a really rough time making this decision! There are just to many options!
So Opinions Please! Pretty Please 🙂
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