Paint, Paint, and more paint.

 First off Ellie decided she’d show you just how I was feeling on being done with the painting…..
{Yay!!!!!!!! we’re done painting, we’re done painting! My wrist can recover- yay! –I can wear normal clothes again– Yay!– we’re done painting!!}
Our Entryway {Sherwin Williams Relaxed Khaki}
My choice 🙂 Dave thinks it looks to grey {I think he’s crazy}
 The Study {SW whole wheat}
Ya Dave won the battle– Our house mainly has warm toned colors
Living Room {SW whole wheat}
Kitchen {SW whole wheat & Columbia Millet}
and try to ignore the light fixtures 🙂 the shade is precariously just sitting on the light and we don’t have the pendant shades on yet and the kitchen light is hung to low 🙂 fun times but it’s getting there
 Master {SW whole wheat & Columbia Millet}
Do you really want to know what happened?! and why our bedroom and kitchen living room is now multi-colored, and why I had to paint these walls 3 times already *sigh………. okay I’ll tell you.. embarresment and all 🙂
So I picked whole wheat because well Dave pretty much won with wanting the warm colors in our house. {I was leaning more towards white’s and greys 🙂 } but our niece’s house is painted with a really dark warm brown and I love the way their house feels, so welcome and cozy… so I figured heck let’s go darker….. Ya it didn’t go so well….. the walls ended up turning orange in the middle of the day- bright brilliant pukey colored orange.
🙁 I cried and fretted and stressed and quite literally had an emotional breakdown….. I mean give me a little here I was on day 4 of painting non stop 10 hour days….. and now I literally hated the color.
So Dave, being the amazing husband that he is and knowing me pretty well, showed up home that night with 5 gallons of pretty much our fall back color– the color we’ve had in all our other homes– Millet.
So the next day I turned around and started painting all over again 🙂 It was fun fun fun times.
Basement Stairs {Columbia Millet & SW sea salt}
{I aint’ gonna lie, I’ve been going through design bipolar disease– Desbilar 🙂 yep just made up that name
I love the cool grey colors you see now a lot, and I love the light walls and creams and even whites, but I also love and want a warm comfy inviting home (and not to mention a happy hubby who likes those warm colors) so I literally haven’t know what I’ve wanted I’ve been going back and forth– ya so frusterating! and I feel like our house is showing the bi- polarness}
 Basement {SW Sea Salt}
 Guest room, a.k.a Kurts room 🙂
 {and no I’m not announcing anything here :)…. I just would like another baby and I’d like it to be a boy and I’d like to name him Kurt 🙂 I’m not being picky or weird or anything 🙂
 Payt’s room {SW whole wheat & SW urbane bronze}
Yep all Payton wanted in his room was black walls {ya Black!} being a sane mom I said “ummm ya no” but he gave me his sad pouty eyes and I caved and gave him one black wall 🙂  not to mention a sweet light fixture– He’s pretty excited about it his room!
Girls Bedroom {SW intimate white & SW Priscilla pink in the closet}
Bryn of course wanted pink and pink and more pink ……. I thought I was going more with a creamy white with just a hint of pink… ya didn’t turn out so much that way but I still love the color and Brynley really likes her pink closet 🙂
Attic Room {SW Sea Salt  & Wool Skein}
My space….. I got to pick the colors….. and I love em…… nuff said 🙂
Attic Studio/ Bedroom {SW Marshmallow}
We Started the laminate floor upstairs it’s Golden Select Walnut ……. I’m loving it……. course it’s absolutly filthy right now and in this photo {what can I say I’ve been super super busy}
Busy with what you say?!
Well I’ve had many much paint cans and crap to clean out…..
And we’ve been laying this beautiful Product down on our floors {Red Oak #2}
I Love LOVE love hardwood floors especially this one…… I love all the different characteristics of the boards and the different color variations it comes in…. *sigh I’m one happy girl getting to put this floor down
{I’ll try to go over tomorrow and take some pictures of it down on the floor– it’s yummy 🙂 }
 Zeeta I must say is wondering when the stink we might be done with this project so she can feel a bit more settled 🙂 I told her never…. 🙂
{ but secretly I’m hoping in the next month}
PS. I really really really want to thank Everyone who helped me with the painting…. seriously every roll counted for me….. especially when I thought I couldn’t do anymore! {Shelly, Annette, Alysha, Mandi, Johan, Anne, Keri} I love you guys! Thanks so so so much!
{and Ty, Russ and Clark– who from hear out shall be know as the electrical Masters!….. Dave says “I love you guys” 🙂 okay he more likely says…. Thanks so much man! no but really Thanks! }


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