The Beginnings of a Home

So I have a really hard time sometimes with Huge projects–
the projects that you can’t wrap your head around,
that you can’t think of all the steps in your head–
The projects that are very costly and that you will have to live with for a long long time.
Ya those kind of projects make me very very scared and indecisive. did I mention very scared ?

So what’s the Huge project……….

Our New Home.
{scary, fun, exciting, scary, lots of work, scary, but so exciting too}
We’ll be building across from Dave’s parents and close to a lot of his family.
It’s a nice big open field– where we’ll be able to have room for a shop and some chickens and pigs and let our kids play in the dirt and they’ll be able to work with grandpa and help grandma– we’re very excited to live close by them.
So a lot of my time and attention has been directed toward our house plans. I don’t want to admit it but I am a very opinionated person when it comes to what I like, especially in a layout of a home.
 {note: I will deny ever saying this :)}
So it was pretty much an impossibility finding a plan that worked perfectly for me and the plan is to be living in this house for a very long time, so I knew I’d be drawing our plans {stressful} I enjoy playing around and drawing house plans and have a binder full of ones I’ve drawn but this was different this was a BIG PROJECT. It had to be perfect and work for us for a long time.
So life looked like this for me for quite a while
Measuring everything, living off the caffeine, editing the plan on the computer, remeasuring stuff, asking everyone what they would do in their house 🙂
Finally I came up with this
My crudely photoshoped version of what I wanted the outside to be similar to.
The Main Floor and the Basement I drew up on a house plan program and then
 we finally turned it into the Architect. {which he pretty much just used my same plan just made sure it wouldn’t fall down and drew the attic space :)} So excited and did I mention scared!
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