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Meet Lulu!

I was in search of a cheap cabinet that I could use for the kids computer while we were in the basement and than later I’d use it for in my studio. So I scoured Craigslist- and I happened to come upon this baby She was well a piece of crap 🙂 but she had…


Sad that such a piece of crap reminds you of your grandma 🙂


Oh Dave 🙂 your so funny

Lindsey @ Better After

Thanks for sharing Ali! This is so cool, I’ve never seen another cabinet like that before!

Cara and Jory

I love it! You are a very talented girl!! Are you still in Rigby?

Before & After Home Redo

Okay I don’t know how else to do this but be ready for about a million pictures 🙂 Our house closed yesterday and I figured well it’s now or never to post those before and after pictures of our house. It’s crazy to me to think that this time last year I was painting my…


Boy did you guys do a lot of work here. I have to say all your blood and guts paid off…your home is very pretty!~ I have a before and after party coming up this Wed….hope you can join us. SHOW it off!

One Life Many Journeys

Man I am tired just looking at all this beautiful work! I am envious of your skills, stamina and drive. I need a nap now!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife

Congrats on closing!

WOW, it’s amazing the difference paint can make. Yuu did a fabulous job!


Wow! Looks great! Your blog inspires me! What color tan did you use throughout the house. It has just the right contrast with the white without being too dark or too light. We painted a tan in our kitchen but I think it’s a little on the light side.
Congrats on closing on your home. I look forward to seeing your next projects at your future home!


Wow, you did a lot of work there! The after pictures are beautiful, especially compared to the before! Can’t wait to see what you do to your next place.


What an amazing transformation a little bit of paint can make. In you master bath, did you replace the vanity or just paint the wood?

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia

show off! you do know it looks a million times better. Except for the mountain Dew basement. Seriously that would have been my dream room…if only I could get a dance pole in there…I kid, I kid…You guys did a terrific job!


Looks so great! Our house is now officially on the market. We are praying to have a happy blog post announcing a closing too.

It’s so much work! No wonder not everyone stages their house. Online articles make it sound so easy to just “add a fresh coat of neutral paint” but it’s not so easy to get a project finished before someone needs their bum wiped or proclaims they are starving. And it’s not so easy to keep the toddler from stepping in the paint tray… they don’t mention all that.

Anyway, we sure hope you LOVE your new home as much as I’m sure your buyers LOVE theirs.

Here’s pics of ours:

Hello there, I just found your blog and it looks like fun. I saw your post with your befores and afters and you did a great job on everythng. I’m sure the new family will enjoy it. I can’t wait to see what you do with your new place.


I’m late piping in here, but I think the transformation on your house is just amazing. You should be so pleased with all that you did! I am obsessed with your kitchen makeover, it gave me some ideas for my little renovation I have planned. Thanks for sharing and inspiring with your blog!


I must know, what colors did you use on your rooms? They are great colors, Can you please post the colors I would love to use those colors in my house.

The Fireplace Redo

So when we moved into the house one of the major things that was frustrating and really a bugger was the fireplace— I mean a Sheetrock mantle?? really? Who ever thought those looked good? and the hole for the T.V. didn’t fit Dave’s “man” T.V. 🙂 So I knew I wanted to change it- but I didn’t know what…

Just Beachy

It looks amazing , love the beadboard and batons .


A big Yay! It looks great. I love the the design and the color choices. Beautiful.

The Special K's(0:

More than yay! It’s a HURRAY!!! You guys rock(0:


Looks like you spent way more than just $100! As always, great job! Love the beadboard and trimwork.

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity

Fantastic. I love the details with the beadboard – it totally takes it from functional to wow! The only other thing I would do is paint the brass on the fireplace grill (unless you like it, that is). I painted ours using heat resistant paint. I’m very impressed with how your fireplace looks – you must love it everytime you walk by.

Beth@The Stories of A to Z

Great job. It looks beautiful!

Babs Blog

Definitely “Yay!” It makes everything look so much more expensive (for lack of a better term) in the room. Nicely done! You and your hubby make a great team!

Amy @ A Contented, Common Life

Definitely a Yay. Yay too for not settling for less than you wanted but waiting and planning and for doing it all for $100. You go Girl!




Yeah…I am jealous I have lived with a tv on a box for 3.5 years and still going with a huge empty vaulted blank wall behind it. Please tell me the color you used on the walls?


Ali –

This turned out amazing! I love all of your “How To” things on here. YOur little family is also adorable. Add me to you blog and we can try to keep up to date on each other.
XOXO, Candace


Uhhh, YAY! I LOVE it. The trim you did above the tv is spectacular! Great job!


That looks great! I sure do love beadboard. Isn’t it great having a handy man around?


I absolutely love it! You guys did an awesome job. I love how you put the electronics on the side of it. I’ve been trying to figure out the design for a corner unit like yours for my house, and you’ve inspired me. Thank you!!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It looks great!! 🙂

Pine Tree Home

What? 100 bucks? You can’t even pick up any decent tv console table for 100 bucks. Great job! You added in your own special touches and it’s tailored for YOU. Looks so good.

chair up

Love the transformation. What a great colour.
I just found your blog via Just A Girl and am now following.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row

100 percent yeah – it looks fabulous!

Salsa Mama

LOVE it! Looks great!

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia

Absolutely amazing transformation!

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

Gorgeous…I’ve had fun today looking at all your before and afters…GREAT JOB, and you’re right, your children will be so thrilled you built this responsibility into them (later, maybe not now.;)

Mr Remodelaholic

We love this party link and I wanted to let you know that we are planning on featuring it. We hope that you get a bunch of new visitors.


Hi! I found you from the Nesters tumbler, but I linked to just a girls party too, so I would have found you sooner or later! I love what you’ve done with your home!! Your kitchen looks amazing! 🙂

Thurston Fam

i love it!!! i love your color scheme! would you mind sharing the color that is on the beadboard/walls? when we moved into our house we had an awesome sheetrock mantel as well!!!! you have made a beautiful home!!! enjoy!


Looks great. I have a big ole hole over my fireplace for the tv as well and no mantle. Did you build the mantle or buy it as is? If you want to check out my dismal fireplace check out my blog. I’m hoping to redo it soon.


Love this transformation and LOVE your blog too! Following in my reader now. I have the same oak all over my house and we’ve been debating on painting it all…seems like such a task. What’s your secret???

Farmhouse table

So the table has actually been done for awhile, but with the busyness of March so far I hadn’t even had time to take pictures of it— but now she can finally have her debut—– Isn’t she a beauty fish……….. (if you don’t know what I’m talking about go listen to Brian Regan- I love…

Jamie Blake

This table is incredibly beautiful! I love, love, love it! 🙂

Phil and Ronnie

WOW! What a gorgeous table. I LOVE it… you guys did an amazing job… and for not a bad price. We priced tables a few years ago- and you came in great! How’s the pregnancy?


Oh, jealous. Jealous, jealous, jealous. And I’d totally go for the bench. That’s what I want anyways;). Can’t wait to see all of your projects. And the wedding photo looks great. I don’t even want to share what I took…ugg.


Alicia- this is GORGEOUS. I am so impressed (not to mention more than a tad jealous of your carpentry skills!) Really, it looks amazing.

Ana White

Ali, your work needs to be in magazines! This table is absolutely beautiful!


Wow your table is gorgeous !! I even love the plants on top of the table…what are they? Once again amazing job!

Hi I'm Amy,

SO FABULOUS! I have table and chair envy


It looks so nice, I love it! Good job!

wells angel momma

You might want to make sure you doors are all locked cause I might have to make a trip to denver and steal this…haha no seriously i love it!

wells angel momma

sorry colorado springs…my bad if i went to denver i would have a hard time finding you…


That table is fabulous. I can’t wait to look at more of your projects!

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum

Oh that’s great! I’ve never heard of I don’t think staining over paint before! Do you wait completely for the paint to dry and then put the stain on it then? It looks so fabulous! Really beautiful.

Elizabeth (blue clear sky)

Fabulous transformation. You’ll have me looking at tables in a whole new way now!

Barry and Shannon

oh my heck! I LOVE IT!!! me next! straight out of a magazine! way to go.

Teresa Pomerantz

I also never would have thought to put stain over paint- but I have a sample piece of wood out there drying right now. The stain is still wet so I can’t see how it is really going to look yet but wow, it gives dimension to the paint. I do have a question- did you paint, sand, then stain? Should I sand after the stain and then put the poly on?

beth kruse custom creations

great job! it looks so good!

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum

Teresa, let me know how it turns out, I’m very curious about it. What color did you paint the wood before the stain, then what color stain did you use?

Ramsey Revell

I would NEVER EVER know you only spent $90 on that! Pottery Barn all the way…I LOVE it!


thanks everyone for the so nice comments– so made my day 🙂 Teresa and Spencer&Lorilyn I am slightly adventurous with the whole painting thing– (paint is an artform right)-so I don’t always follow the standard rules I guess- I wait till the paint is completely dry and I don’t sand in between and than I just apply the gel stain almost like I’m painting it again and I don’t wipe much if any off– for the white paint with the pecan stain over it it isn’t a gel stain and I just wipe it on when the paint is dry– Don’t know what rules I’m breaking but I’ve had some pieces of furniture that I’ve done that to for years now and I’ve seen no issues so far– Hope that helps thanks so much for your comments

Beth@The Stories of A to Z

I’m new to your blog. Came over from Knock Off Wood, and I just LOVE what you’ve done. Your table and chairs are absolutely beautiful! Stop by sometime.


Your style is fantastic! I LOVE this! I never would have thought to do darker chairs with the white table legs, but it works so well!! This ought to be mass-produced, but then it probably wouldn’t be $90 would it. 😉

Margo Blue

I absolutely love your table and chairs……… I want them so bad.. We are finishing making our Farmhouse bed from Knockofwood. I so want the farmhouse table now… Thanks for sharing! :O)


just came over from Ana’s K.O.Wood site. Isn’t she fantastic? And you did a fantastic job here with your set too. I am so inspired, and just waiting to start projects….she keeps posting everything i NEED!


I’m finding old ward member’s blogs.
I LOVE all the great ideas you have!
Congrats on baby #3. Hope all goes well.


Fabulous! Just FAB-U-LOUS!

The Bailey's

You have totally inspired me! I have been wanting a new dining set. The table is “ghetto” and the chairs are so worn out and ugly. Now I know I can make the table and just refinish/stain my chairs to match. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and saving me having to buy new chairs. Great ammunition to give the hubby in talking him into helping me with the table:) Good luck with baby #3!


Hey, can I ask how you whitewashed the table top? Did you just mix water into your paint, or did you actually use a whitewash? It came out beautifully!


Oh Alicia, I LOVE THAT TABLE! You’re my DIY hero!


Hi. I just stopped by from KOW and have thoroughly enjoyed browsing your archives. You are so very talented and your family is just beautiful! I think that you have a wonderful mix of family and “other stuff” here. I am following.


P.S. Congrats on the newest itty bitty.


I absolutely love your kitchen table! Beautiful!

I’m your newest follower! = 0


This is absolutely beautiful! I really love it, I am going to feature this as a party highlight on Saturday.

Thanks for linking up!


That is an awesome table. It looks great where you have it. Great Job on the finish. It is very hard to get a good distressed finish.


Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures

I saw your table featured on Remodelaholics. I just had to go to your blog. Your table is amazing. I love it. Thanks for sharing how you painted it. Things to keep in mind if I ever try to stain pine. Love the conversation with your husband too.


this came out fantastic!


Fantastic! I love what you did with that table and chair set.


Amazing! The table looks like you spent a lot of money on it! Great job!


nice work! i’m impressed!

Team Eternal

This table is incredible! I am building the same one and wanted to paint it black but my new cupboards are white so I think that’ll throw off the warm colors I have throughout the house… so I think your stain would be perfect to tie everything in. It is absolutely gorgeous! How do you stain over a white (or in your case, yellow) wash? I didn’t think that was possible… what kind of yellow paint was it? If you are willing to share your secrets, I’m sure there would be more than me who would love you forever for it 🙂 Thanks!


Great job, I found a farmhouse table on CL and rush chairs also in green. Did you spray paint or brush paint the chairs?


AMAZING! Looks wonderful! It looks like it belongs in a pottery barn catalog!

Funky Junk Interiors

Gorgeous! This is so inspiring. I agree with Ana.. magazine worthy without a doubt!

I just came across a wonderful sofa table at a thrift that resembles your kitchen table as is sooo much. I have to go get it! TODAY!! Oh please please please still be there… I know what you can look like now! 🙂



I found your table via CSI. Just had to stop in and tell you how fantastic it looks! I just love it. I’m do tend to look at great legs on tables but you really don’t notice them much when they are green!

Jen @

Wow – what an amazing transformation! It looks so professional! I love it!

Thanks so much for linking up to The CSI Project’s hardware Store Challenge! We hope you will come back next week for the Martha Stewart-inspired challenge — The MS Craft Department are our guest judges!!!



Your table is beautiful. I have a question though, right now I am working on a vanity that I had made for one of the bathrooms. It is made out of alder and I stripped the paint off and distressed it a bit and stained it. The staining part turned out beautiful but the the poly part is driving me nuts. It keeps sagging. I’ve tried using thin coats but I just can’t keep from have a mistake or two on there.

I have striped it back down and going for it again. Do you have any tips. I would love to hear from someone who knows.



Amazing! I would never quess this was “homemade”. Great job.


My Husband and I just LOVE the table you redid. I was so inspired by what you did, I drove an hour to a Flea Market today to buy a table just for the legs. And a found one for $20! I’d like to send you a picture of it and get your opinion on weither or not I should build a new apron for the table or just build an apron around the existing one. Thanks for your help.

Jen @

Congratulations on being picked as one of the top projects in the Hardware Store challenge. Someone left a comment that the link wasn’t working for your project. We just fixed it.

We hope you can link up tomorrow for the Martha Stewart challenge!



hi ali! i just came across this project of yours and was wondering what paint brand and color you used for your chairs? i’m getting ready to refinish an oak bench and love the color you chose. thanks!


I fell in love with your table as soon as I saw it! My husband loved it too, so…we’re making our own right now! 🙂 Posted our progress last night and gave credit where credit is due:

Thanks so much for the inspiration! XO

~Karla @ It’s The Little Things…


Beautiful table! Love it! Thanks for sharing. I am going to keep my eyes open for a set like that and will make my own! Love all of your stuff. Just started rehabbing old furniture myself, have done a few chairs. Definitely bookmarking your blog for future inspiration.


Hi Ali,

I was wondering if you could expand on how you did the table top. To whitewash it did you just dilute a yellow paint with water and lightly coat it? Also, for the pecan stain, was it liquid or gel? I’m about to start making my own, but I’m nervous that it won’t turn out as good as yours! Please help 🙂



Just came acroos your blog and I have been hoping to do this to my small breakfast table! Thanks for the inspiration! Yours came out beautifully!


I’d love to know how the finish on your farmhouse table is holding up after a year of use. I’m asking because my DH made the table for me, but I’ve got to stain and finish it myself! Would you mind letting me know if the satin poly finish is “tough enough” for everyday family use? Do you use placemats? Would a drink left on the table leave a ring? Thanks for the inspiration and the courage to do this!!


Christa aka The BabbyMama

Awesome! I’m essentially doing the same thing with my old Ikea table and I’m pretty excited. Now that I see your boards, I kind of want to see if I can slip a knife between the wood bits to get a little more def.


Great project! Love the transformation. Amazing what sweat equity can do! Glad to have found your blog as well. I’m Ally from Home by Ally. Stop by soon at and don’t forget to follow me!

-Ally from Home by Ally

Hyrum and Elsie

I love your table but I have to ask.. how do you keep it clean? I have a table kind of like that, but it’s got those gaps in between each slat of wood. I like the table but I am so ready to get rid of it just because I cant deal with all the little bits and pieces of everything getting stuck there. help! 🙂

Ali Foster

It’s a constant struggle 🙂 I usually take a butter knife after I’ve wiped it down and just run it through the gaps to get any gunk out but yes a big pain! The price you pay for a look- that is the only thing I do not enjoy about this table

Pink Chair Redo

So I’m interrupting my vacation –which I’m kinda already sucking at anyways- dang facebook :)– to bring you pictures of the latest finished project. Brynley’s Pink Chair Before: Lovely hole backing, mauve fabric, and the wood I wouldn’t have painted over if I was not going to put in in the girls room cuz’ it could’ve looked nice after…


Aw, that looks perfect for her room 🙂 I wish I lived closer to you so you could teach me how to do that kind of stuff.


She is soo cute!! Love the chair and you did such a great job on it! I liked that it was just her size. Keep up the great work and love all the photos!


Hi I'm Amy,

That chair is fab! Love it! Your little girl is to cute!


Word to your flame hammer!

Phil and Ronnie

Course you had to post it! It’s adorable- I love how you refinished it… And I have the same issue with cutting Ivy’s hair… I struggle so bad! Bryn looks adorable though!


What a beautiful girl! (oh, and chair too!) This just makes me want a girl! I found you through Knock Off Wood and now I love your blog too! You are amazing!

Life in Rehab

That’s fantastic! I can’t wait to see the finished room.


I refinished the EXACT same chair! Great work! I foudn your blog via Knock off wood and I’m enjoying checking it all out!

Caitlin @ That House on the Corner


wow i LOVE this!!!