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Building Garden boxes

This post shall also be known as — Ali’s adventures in learning how to garden -and boy are they going to be adventurous- adventurous in mistakes that is I really do want to know how to garden and grow pretty flowers but honestly my attempts so far have been well…… sad {weedy, not pretty, a lot of…

Baby Boy {mustache & bow ties} Shower

I ain’t gonna lie — I had so much FUN getting to help put together a baby shower for one of my friends! You see given that I don’t have any sisters 🙁 and my one sister-in-law has many sisters) I was feeling like my chances of getting to help put together a baby shower…

The Special K's(0:

So cool! That turned out awesome! And sing it sister! We’ve been instructed to beauty the earth. Pretty is a lot more important than people realize. Scientific studies done on hospital patients showed people recover more quickly in “pretty” rooms, and color therapy in decor is a valid study used in everything from homes to prisons, and even, I kid you not, mood treatments for the blind. See? You’re just healing the world one ridiculously adorable and fabulously thrifty day at a time(0: You go girl(0: I want to be like you when I grow up!


This is one of the cutest parties I’ve seen, seriously! And the fact you spent so little, makes it even better. I’d say, “who cares what others say or think,” but I would find it hard to do so myself. So just know that I think you did an amazing job:). You have so much artistic talent.

And I love the comment above.


I love this. in the process of planning a bow tie shower…thanks for ideas. as for “such a waste”, I think it is an insecure persons way of feeling on top. they likely felt twinges of jealousy at not going the (cheap) extra mile themselves. Chin up buttercup, you did a great job!

Covering a Lampshade

For the light fixture over our table I really wanted a huge lamp shade and after pricing them out I just couldn’t find one that I was in love with- {and not to mention Dave isn’t totally sold on the idea} so I wanted something that wouldn’t kill the pocketbook if we decided we didn’t…

DIY schoolhouse light fixture

So I love LOVE school house light fixtures!! I’ve been coveting them for in my house for along time now  but….. I really couldn’t afford a $100-$200 price tag {restoration hardware} and even at $52 {wayfair} for 8 of these babies that is so outta my budget! I’m happy to say though for $15 and…

My Huge Wood letter F

So I’ve coveted a huge letter for awhile now– preferably an old one with lots of character. Usually when I found one though 1. I couldn’t afford the price tag and 2. I couldn’t find the letter F also it crosses one off of my 30 before 30 list yay! {make a big word letter…

Jennifer @ A Fine Romance

JEALOUS! I am ALWAYS looking for F’s and no one sells them! 🙁

Jennifer @ A Fine Romance

Ok…I was so not finished with that comment. My oven dinged because my pie was ready and I panicked and hit ‘publish’. What I was GOING to say is that you did a fantastic job and what a good idea to just make the darn thing yourself! 🙂 Now why didn’t I think of that?! 😉 Have a great day! XO

Whimsy by Victoria

Love big wood letters! Adds some whimsy to any space! Great job!!