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What to do with an old window

What to do with an old window–  Make a Command Center/ Organizational board Here she was before– Just a window I fell in love with while thrift shopping– I even liked her just plain and missing her glass pane  but she works good as an organization board too– and I love cork boards– probably a little to…

Tawra Jean

Great idea!!! I have several old windows and was going to make and “organization center”. Now I know how I can use both!


I love it!

Sandra Ludwig

Turning an old window into an organization board is a bright idea. Beauty and functionality rolled into one; well, what more can you ask for? As long as it works for you, then go ahead and do it.

Sandra Ludwig

Gus- Vol 2

 Remember Gus– ya we’ve been working on him–  Since Dave informed me that I probably shouldn’t unscrew the handles cuz the wood is so old and crappy that they’d strip out I painted them right where they were 🙂 {although I did actually end up taking off most of them I hate hate hate taping…

Comeca Jones

So happy you have one I dream of lovin one soon!Have fun!

Meet Gus– Our new 1968 Camper Trailer

We’ve been doing  a lot of fishing-exploring this summer— I mean a lot— practically every few days we’re heading to the mountains. So one morning I said it’d be nice to have a camper– Next thing I knew Dave had found one in IF on KSL for cheap cheap and we were heading to go…

Comeca Jones

Oh my cant wait to see it all gussied up !(did I just say that?)lol
you are so lucky.

Meet Lulu!

I was in search of a cheap cabinet that I could use for the kids computer while we were in the basement and than later I’d use it for in my studio. So I scoured Craigslist- and I happened to come upon this baby She was well a piece of crap 🙂 but she had…


Sad that such a piece of crap reminds you of your grandma 🙂


Oh Dave 🙂 your so funny

Lindsey @ Better After

Thanks for sharing Ali! This is so cool, I’ve never seen another cabinet like that before!

Cara and Jory

I love it! You are a very talented girl!! Are you still in Rigby?

Runnin {basement done}

Wow I feel like I started running right after Thanksgiving and I still haven’t stopped and I’m still not caught up on everything. The Good News though— WE moved to the basement– Yay!! Happy happy JOY joy– dear, my dishes and silverware and stuff I’ve missed you 🙂 The So so news—- It’s still not…

The Special K's(0:

Just gotta say you guys. are. amazing. That turned out soooo beautiful, and you’ve created a valuable asset for your parents home. I’ll bet they are just delighted with all you’ve done! You totally set the example of just getting things done for me. Thanks for being inspirational!(0: I’m off to go use a power tool(0:

Bastian Family

It looks awesome! Glad you finally got moved in.


Looks great! Your kitchen is really good sized for a finished basement & the tile shower looks amazing.

Three kids in one room is a little challenging, but it’s very doable. We just have to hold our youngest until he’s asleep & keep reminding the others to be quiet while we’re in there. (If we just put them in bed & leave them all there awake, it often turns into a roudy pj party.)

What a nice gift to be in your own space for Christmas! And if you start to stress over the pantry, just keep telling yourself that open shelving is “in”.