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Fabric flower pom poms mobile tutorial

For my last child I put my foot down and said ” I am going to decorate a nursery!” The other kids we have either had to have share a room, or we’ve been in the middle of moving homes, not the last one though- I finally got to put together a nursery. I loved putting things…

Covering a Lampshade

For the light fixture over our table I really wanted a huge lamp shade and after pricing them out I just couldn’t find one that I was in love with- {and not to mention Dave isn’t totally sold on the idea} so I wanted something that wouldn’t kill the pocketbook if we decided we didn’t…

DIY schoolhouse light fixture

So I love LOVE school house light fixtures!! I’ve been coveting them for in my house for along time now  but….. I really couldn’t afford a $100-$200 price tag {restoration hardware} and even at $52 {wayfair} for 8 of these babies that is so outta my budget! I’m happy to say though for $15 and…

My Huge Wood letter F

So I’ve coveted a huge letter for awhile now– preferably an old one with lots of character. Usually when I found one though 1. I couldn’t afford the price tag and 2. I couldn’t find the letter F also it crosses one off of my 30 before 30 list yay! {make a big word letter…

Jennifer @ A Fine Romance

JEALOUS! I am ALWAYS looking for F’s and no one sells them! 🙁

Jennifer @ A Fine Romance

Ok…I was so not finished with that comment. My oven dinged because my pie was ready and I panicked and hit ‘publish’. What I was GOING to say is that you did a fantastic job and what a good idea to just make the darn thing yourself! 🙂 Now why didn’t I think of that?! 😉 Have a great day! XO

Whimsy by Victoria

Love big wood letters! Adds some whimsy to any space! Great job!!


Cake Plate Tutorial

I know that this tutorial has been done a thousand times over but I have wanted a cake plate stand FOREVER. {does anyone else always have the sandlot movie pop in their head when saying forever– best movie ever :)} anyways… So this is what I started with found at good old D.I. for a whoppin 50cents…


I’ve been wanting to make a cake stand, but never get around to going to the DI to find something cute to use. Yours looks great. Oh, and I totally thing of Sandlot when I say forever lol.


Awesome. Funny I was just thinking about making one of those….guess I will take that as a sign.