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Question: Where are you located at?

Answer: We live in a small town in Idaho, It's a garden zone 5 with a very dry climate and harsh winters


Question: How did you learn to care for you farm animals?

Answer: Dave was raised with all the farm animals and we also have access to his dad who was raised on a real farm to help with concerns or questions. A lot of it has been trial and error and internet and library book research. We definitely fall more into the category of having them more as farm animals and less as pets- I try not to spoil my chickens too much :) and I'm actually really allergic to fur so we can only have hypo-allergenic animals inside our home.


Question: How did you know how to build your own home?

Answer: We've both been involved in building since we were young. My dad has a BA in construction and built their own home which I helped on, and Dave's family has built additions, barns and homes. Our first home was an old wood storage/barn that we helped construct an apartment above in Dave's parents back yard. Also when we were first married we built ten homes with the USDA Rural Development project, then fixed up our Colorado home, finished my parents basement, and then finally built our home we are now in. We've also helped building on lots of Daves siblings homes. I love building and designing a home- I would absolutely love to do it again but for now we are happy with where we are at.


Question: What do you do for a living?

Answer: Dave is actually a software designer and has a degree in Computer Science, while I am a stay at home mom. I have a small photography business, and have dabbled in branding and website design for a few. {yes I designed my own branding and my websites}







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