Building Garden boxes

This post shall also be known as — Ali’s adventures in learning how to garden -and boy are they going to be adventurous- adventurous in mistakes that is

I really do want to know how to garden and grow pretty flowers but honestly my attempts so far have been well…… sad {weedy, not pretty, a lot of giving up and a lot of dead, water deprived plants involved }
It is just not something that comes naturally to me. Being my stubborn self the only way I am going to learn how to really do this and remember how to do it is to just figure out on my own what works for me! And If I’m going to try something I want it to be beautiful– and functional– but mainly beautiful.  I like to do things when it involves making something pretty and organized.

So step number one for me- Making a garden I actually wanted to be out in weeding and maintaining.

The first step is you have to go out and stand in your yard for long periods at a time- just standing and staring- until the neighbors come to their windows and start staring at you too- than it’s probably time to go inside, or get a kid outside to make it look like your doing something

Next you want to start laying boards out in random patterns- {that will really get your neighbors wondering- the brave ones will even come ask if everything is alright, and your cat will think all the flags are brilliant new toys to play with}garden boxes laid out

Than eventually you build the beautiful boxes- we just used 2×6’s for the boxes since we were going to be doing something similar to < Square foot Gardening  { Loved this book and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start gardening without feeling like your making a farm that you will never be able to maintain!} I also wanted something pretty for the plants to climb up so we built the small arbor with 4×4 posts for the legs, 2×6 boards on the top with just a rough drawn design cut out on them and 1×2’s spaced along the top-

garden boxes unpainted

Since I wanted my plants to actually survive and one of the main reasons my other gardens had failed was watering- {hey I would just forget for a day, or maybe a week or possibly a month- come on plants you gotta be strong, adaptable  } So in went a little watering system- which looked way complicated but in the end was really pretty simple {pretty much a hose with little hoses coming off of it in each box}

Garden box water

See the lovely pipe in the Rocks- it goes around the garden like a little maze…..this was when I had a slight lapse of remembrance that weeds love rocks and thought “Hey, we can just use the leftover pile of rocks we got” love learning by mistakes- well no, not really but I seem to learn best that wayGarden box with rocks

Eventually we got the water in, built the fence { posts with wire and 1×4’s} stained the boxes and painted the fence and arbor,put up the netting for the arbor {we used a similar local product to this Trellis Netting } and my favorite part –we were able to use a beautiful old gate that my Uncle let us have that was left on their property when they bought their home…garden fence

Did I mention how much I love the gate– Just Love itGarden fence gate

And Wallah- My pretty garden- that I love!  It still needs work, and I have plans for rose bushes to be climbing up that fence and a old brick path through the arbor, but Slow and Steady- and Squirrel {look at this other project to do} yup that’s about how we roll – someday though…..Gardenboxeswithfence

But I  have had lots of fun so far with my garden produce– so much prettiness! gardenplants


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