So something that has taken us forever and really we lost most if not all motivation on was our yard 🙂
We were able to get lucky and with our loan not have to finish it to move in and be able to just get the money out so we could do it later– but ya I’ll be the first to admit- we’ve been lazy- burned out and every time we’d walk out and try to do anything with it we’d end up overwhelmed and very frustrated!
There were so many ROCKS– so many– I’m not kidding when I say I’ve probably picked up a thousand or more rocks!  and putting in 35+ sprinklers was a job in itself- and leveling it and spreading a bit more dirt– ya it just went on and on and on
Thankfully we had some help and motivation come along 🙂 and I’m so happy to say that we have grass seed spread– And the kids actually enjoyed the process– I love that they are learning to love to help and work 🙂
but in all honesty what kid who didn’t get the chance to drive the four wheeler wouldn’t like to work too? 🙂
  We decided that even though it was pretty late in the season we’d try and spread some grass seed and see if it grew or not– either way we know we’ll probably be spreading some more in the spring 🙂
And even though I am never in these pictures I swear I was there spreading that crap too 🙂 and picking up Rocks– always forever picking up rocks–
But I will admit it looks so much better– You can Hardly see anymore Rocks!
and guess what I spotted this morning…….
Itty bitty little grass 🙂 It’s growing!!– I’m just hoping it can survive the coming up storms 🙁
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