Brynley’s Bed

So since we will soon be blessed with another little girl and Bryn’s room will no longer be just “her” room we’ve been trying to make the transition as smooth as possible– so it’s not the new nursery it’s the new pretty girls room 🙂

I found the awesome plans/idea to make this bed on knock off wood (love the site- you must check it out!) and I felt very ambitious and was going to make this bed all by myself. Problem was that we needed to make it a toddler bed size– (we’re planning on have Bryn in the toddler bed for at least a few more years and than Elleana/ Lilly/ Amelia/ the little nudger can use it 2) and to shrink it down took a lot of math work-which my brain hates to do- and included using the table saw 🙁 and sorry but that thing scares the hebbergebbers outta  me! so I recruited Dave- and he was amazing of course and we built the thing in about 2 hours.

The Before:  Isn’t it some pretty wood– I can smell it still yum 🙂


After being Built
course it took me about a week to finally paint it and finish it 🙂 This belly is gettin big and I have to be really careful painting so it takes fooreevveerrr.


some distressing, cream paint, pecan stain, and a little smoke glaze


The girls room is still far from done– and I plan on changing Bryn’s bedding and making some pillows but it’s definitely a work in progress.  but I think this bed looks a lot better than this old thing did– *but it was free and thank you thank you Mike and Misty for giving it to us it has gotten a lot of use 🙂

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