DIY schoolhouse light fixture

So I love LOVE school house light fixtures!! I’ve been coveting them for in my house for along time now  but…..
I really couldn’t afford a $100-$200 price tag {restoration hardware} and even at $52 {wayfair} for 8 of these babies that is so outta my budget!
I’m happy to say though for $15 and some spray paint I have my School house light fixture!
I’ve seen the bulbs at Home Depot forever and I’ve seen the tutorials online {like this one}of using the smaller bulb light base’s for the lights {the problem is I wanted the big bulb with the 4″ opening and not the smaller bulb– and I really wanted the curvy base 🙂 }
So I searched and searched and found a curvy base for about $19 {here}you just have to buy the globe- so you’d have your light for $25 (since the big schoolhouse bulbs are at Home Depot for about $5)
I debated that for awhile and than found this post
She had ordered the parts separate from MyLampparts and just put it together
 {Dave’s a genius with electrical stuff so I wasn’t worried about him putting it together}
 So I bought this Canopy for $7 {here’s the link}
For the rest of the Light I needed
Light socket {link}
Bar {link}
screws{link}2 for each fixture
knobs {link} 2 for each fixture
comes out to around $10
{and the shipping wasn’t bad either- I can’t remember the exact total I just remember it wasn’t bad 🙂 }
 I wasn’t a huge fan of the white so I knew I’d be spray painting them to the oil rubbed bronze
 I like to use a orangy bronzey gold color underneath because I feel it gives it a more realistic feel and you can sand the top coat to show a little of that.
 Coat of the oil rubbed bronze
 I love how they turned out {sorry for the crappy pic} we were in the middle of moving and I was in a hurry 🙂  But eventually when we install them in the house I’ll take some better pics!
I love my light with it’s beautiful vintage bulb and curvy base– it’s my favorite 🙂
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