Fabric flower pom poms mobile tutorial

pompomcoverphoto-01For my last child I put my foot down and said ” I am going to decorate a nursery!” The other kids we have either had to have share a room, or we’ve been in the middle of moving homes, not the last one though- I finally got to put together a nursery.

I loved putting things together for sweet Millie’s room, sewing her quilt and making all the headbands and just getting ready for her. I wish I could have done more but pregnancy’s always slow me down and with each child they’ve seemed to get more difficult. bleh. Anyways

One of my favorite quick and easy projects for her room was making the pom pom mobile- and I think it turned out so cute!pompomtutorial-12

I used fabric scraps I had left over from making her quilt so it was all matchy matchy and cute 🙂pompomtutorial-4

Supplies that you need are:
Hot glue gun,
1/2 of an Embroidery hoop{not pictured}
Fabric Circles {about 16-18 circles of each, and I used different varieties of fabric and cut them all to different sizes they are forgiving just have fun with it }
and a scrap fabric to use as a base- cotton, felt –whatever works–pompomtutorial-5

Step one is to cut your strings to about the length you want them to hang- I made sure I had plenty
{I also used a vintage string that Dave’s Grandmother used to crochet with-since she had passed away recently it was kinda my special way of bringing her memory to the room}
Than you just want to glue the string to the center scrap fabric circles you are using as the basepompomtutorial1

Step two is the make the fabric circles  – fold in half, and than fold in half again- and than glue to the circle- if you have fabric that is only printed on one side you may want to reverse which side is showing on each layer


Glue two rows of layers and than one in the middle to pop outward and make the poof 🙂pompomtutorial-6

Turn over and repeat.


Repeat | Repeat | Repeat |
until you have as many cute little pom poms as you want for your mobile


Than just tie your strings to an the embroidery hoop- we looped them around a bit until they were at the height I wanted each to be at.
Than we tied four strings for the top to hang down and tied them together at the top, and since we are super classy and high tech {not} we hung it to the ceiling with a push pin- hey it worked and  this mobile is super light, you don’t need anything too fancy- just make sure it’s high enough not to be messed with

And Wallah- it’s done!


For the rest of Millies Nursery I added a doily banner with embroidery hoop art,pompomtutorial-9
and pretty painted frames as headband holders
Overall pretty simple, bright and clean- just the way I like it!


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