Farmhouse table

So the table has actually been done for awhile, but with the busyness of March so far I hadn’t even had time to take pictures of it— but now she can finally have her debut—–

Isn’t she a beauty fish………..
(if you don’t know what I’m talking about go listen to Brian Regan- I love him he makes me laugh so hard 🙂
So if you recall the before:
Lovely hunter green-hmmm–
I originally bought it just for the chairs, but after getting it home and noticing the lovely shape to the legs, I figured we’d at least try to see if we could make it into something that I’d like.
So after a visit to Knock off wood and falling in love with the farmhouse table that she made I figured we could just rip the old tile table top off of this one and replace it with wood planks- (Thank you so much Ana for the idea and plans)
For more detail about that process visit my post here
Anyways I ended up finishing the table with some country white paint for the legs with a pecan glaze over top of it to strengthen the finish and add a little bit of distressing color to it.
For the top I first did a whitewash of a yellow paint so the grain of the pine didn’t stand out as much and than stained it pecan and than on top of the pecan stain and mostly around the edges I used a gel walnut stain- I also used the walnut stain very lightly around the legs, and than a few coats of satin poly on the top to make it a little shiny and protect the finish.
The Chairs– I lightly sanded and than painted one coat of a dark brown/black (can’t remember the name of it), than I used walnut stain over it– it deepens the color but leaves a little bit of the undertone so it doesn’t look so flat and gives it a harder finish- the chair tops I finished like the table top minus the whitewash.
I love her and all her imperfections– and I don’t worry about the kids hurting it- let the fork jabbing commence she needs more character :)– sometime I want to build or find a bench for her so we have more seating– what do you think should I use these plans and make the top of the bench match the table?? Either way it’s gonna have to at least wait till after the baby is here– I’m so in my third trimester and the tiredness has hit big time!
Here’s the Cost breakdown:
Table and Chairs- $60
Wood for top and supports underneath- $30
Paint- I already had some left over in both colors–Brown and white– but a quart at Walmart is around $8
Stain- already had it— that’s the good thing with many projects 🙂 but to buy would have been around $12
So Total cost for me was $90 and some time– not to shabby I don’t think for a whole new kitchen set.
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