How to Paint Doorknobs

The Easy & fast way to Paint Doorknobs
First off you need some beautiful dated gold doorknobs to paint

aren’t they all nice and shiny and very much gold– not really my cup of tea

The Supplies
Auto primer
Brushed Metallic- oil rubbed bronze
Protective non yellowing clear finish
total supply cost– around $8
Step 1
    – Lightly sand the doorknobs-  (It really is pretty easy to scratch the lovely gold finish so this step isn’t as painful as you’d suppose except when you have a lot of doorknobs than it gets pretty darn boring)
Step 2
   –Spray Primer
Step 3
   -Spray color
Step 4
   –Spray protective finish
Yep it pretty much doesn’t get any easier than this
plus $8 isn’t bad for all new doorknobs-
Also since I did some test knobs 8 months ago I can tell you that they hold up great and still look like new.
This post brought to you by the so challenging
“typing and mousin it up with the left hand cuz’ i’m holding and feeding the baby” position
You should all feel very special 🙂
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