Meet Gus– Our new 1968 Camper Trailer

We’ve been doing  a lot of fishing-exploring this summer— I mean a lot— practically every few days we’re heading to the mountains.
So one morning I said it’d be nice to have a camper– Next thing I knew Dave had found one in IF on KSL for cheap cheap and we were heading to go get it.
Introducing GUS-
Ain’t it a Beauty 🙂 yeah– he might need a bit of work & cleaning & work & repair & did I mention work

We’re working on fixing him up, cuz we stayed one night in it and that was about all I could take in his current condition.
 I won’t lie though- the kids loved it! and are so so excited to have a camper– no more tentin for us-{yay}
So stayed tuned for some Gus Gus transformation.
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