Meet Lulu!

I was in search of a cheap cabinet that I could use for the kids computer while we were in the basement and than later I’d use it for in my studio.
So I scoured Craigslist- and I happened to come upon this baby
She was well a piece of crap 🙂 but she had me at the legs- oh the legs- Dave thought for sure I’d lost it especially as when we were carrying it to the truck and it was falling apart 🙂
But Lulu has such cute details–
 I would have liked to get rid of the getto support brace at the bottom but she was really weak–Dave had to work and add more screws and braces to make sure she could withstand our kiddos.
 How I finished her:
Cheap yellow spray paint at Walmart– for my base/primer coat
Than I actually painted her with a custom color I had them mix at walmart- satin finish
I didn’t quite like how light it was so I got some yellow acrylic paint and mixed it with water and did a wash over the whole thing– loved it!
I sanded the edges and than royally screwed up when instead of a finishing her off/sealing her with a pecan stain I used dark walnut on one side 🙁 needless to say she sat in her miserable state for a couple of weeks I was so discouraged because I was out of the base color paint and I didn’t know what to do.
Finally I bought a yellow spray paint at Lowes that was close to the color I wanted- painted it and it was too yellow so than I mixed white acrylic paint with water and did a lighter wash 🙂 yay she was back to the way I liked her.
Than I finished it off with a pecan stain and sprayed it with a clear finish
Whew– Lulu was finally done- and I like her alot 🙂
She reminds me of this lady
My Grandmother– who loves yellow and her beautiful home has many cute touches of yellow 🙂
So what do you think of Lulu-fan of yellow or not?
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