Our 5 year Anniversary

So officially our anniversary isn’t till the 25th but we decided to celebrate it earlier since Dave had a week break off of school. We didn’t want to go and spend the money on a hotel so my parents ended up taking the kids for a couple of days and for one day we built a desk for our study (something I enjoy doing), (which worked out well cuz’ the gift on the 5year anniversary is suppose to be wood- who knew ) and the second day we did Something Dave enjoys and that was playing WOW (world of warcraft) all day. It was pretty fun and unique to just us so it worked out well.

Anyways here’s some pictures of our desk, I haven’t finished it yet cuz’ I got sick 🙁 but the alder top I’m going to stain and the shelves in the hutch are going to be stained but the rest will be painted an off white kinda color.
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