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So things are chugging along in the basement– Today actually I’ll be tiling the bathroom 🙂 I’m excited it’ll be with 18×18 tiles and I looovvvee big tiles 🙂

Just for a reminder here is the basement when I moved in:

It was well…… umm…….. slightly overrun with stuff– we’ll call it many fast quick moves and not enough time to go through it all or fix it all up.

Here’s after the first day…

The first step {in this pretty much overwhelming project for me} was to start separating stuff out and making piles, I knew my parents didn’t want all this stuff and a lot of it could go to DI but I had to get approval on what could go and what had to stay, so I had to make piles that later my mom could come down and check off and confirm what was okay to be gone.

Here’s the currently…..

and ya a lot of steps are missing in between (and a lot of time 🙂 but it was just too hard to document a project this big cuz’ half the time I was too frustrated to feel like it would actually ever get clean and I just had to force myself to keep going and face those scary spiders hiding in those nasty cardboard boxes {ughhhhhhh}

The storage room still isn’t quite done– but really it’s the best I could do with what they wanted to keep (and they did get rid of a lot so it was a great first step– and I’m still part of the family-yay- they didn’t disown me or want to kill me-most the time- so that’s really Really good 🙂

And now were on to the next step of finishing the basement– the actual fun stuff! Wish me Luck!

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