Runnin {basement done}

Wow I feel like I started running right after Thanksgiving and I still haven’t stopped and I’m still not caught up on everything.

The Good News though—

WE moved to the basement– Yay!! Happy happy JOY joy– dear, my dishes and silverware and stuff I’ve missed you 🙂

The So so news—-

It’s still not all the way done 🙂  but if we wanted to be in before Christmas it was now or never cuz my lucky parents were leaving on a cruise and won’t be back till 2 days before Christmas.

So here is the currently on the basement——-{someday they’ll be a all the way finished pictures of the basement- someday}

For now were happy just to have our own little space again………
A Kitchen

I missed my table and someday we’ll finish the Pantry Cabinet with beadboard doors, crown and baseboard and the Island and paint the trim and ya 🙂
We even have our own entrance– sweet!
A nice bedroom with lovely painters tape trim around the window– ya I need to paint still 🙂
 and we squished those kiddo’s into one room–:)
 Delila even found a perfect place to stay 🙂
 And we put up our Christmas tree– pretty much that’s been the majority of my decorating for Christmas this year– it just ain’t happening– too much to do.
And a bathroom– so important you really can’t live without them 🙂
I’m very happy to have our own space again– and I’m sure my parents are glad to have us out of their space 2 🙂
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