Starting School & Freezer Paper stencils

So my Payter started Kindergarten- and though he was way excited to go I seriously miss him during the day- I enjoy now having more one on one time with Brynley but my little talker is gone :(.
 You can tell just how exited he was to go by how fidgety he was while I was taking his picture–
Anyways since going to school means new school supplies which I love to buy we also got to do some personalization of his supplies–

I refuse to buy the more expensive themed (transformers, diego ect) stuff so I gotta make Payton feel like his are still cool and so we did some logo’s and stuff for him.

I love that freezer paper can work as stencils and it seems like the idea is all over the internet so this is nothing new but I’d thought I’d show the way I do it– and I did forget to take pictures of it all done- and I’m just to lazy today- it turned out great though- the edges are pretty crisp- not vinyl crisp but crisp enough that no one notices.

Step 1-


Design something- you can use word even. Just search for some free fonts online and look for something that will work for you- than cut out some freezer paper so that it fits in you printer and print off your design.

Step 2-


Cut out your design- (This is the part that I always have to ask Dave on, I can’t quite visualize it so I don’t know what part to keep and what to throw out- I’m just smart like that)
After you get it cut out, heat up your iron for what fabric you’ll be sticking it to and make sure it is flat(for the best edges) and than iron it on- make sure you do it right the first time cuz’ it really only sticks once.

Step 3-

Give your kids some Paint brushes and paint away- make sure and sponge paint it though and not use strokes, the strokes tend to get under the edges more. Peel off the freezer paper and wallah you have a personalized backpack & lunchbag.

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