A Fresh {New} Start

sofreshandclean-01I had my old blog Bits of Bliss for 7 years and I loved it but it was messy!  Messy messy messy and drove me nuts! — I had posts on it with quizzes and some that had lost their pictures because of the great delete clean up I mistakenly did {don’t delete pictures off of your google account {ever never ever} they are directly connected to your blogger blog- it will make you cry and be so sad 🙂 but ya and it just had a lot of stuff that was silly and than it mainly became just a way to keep family updated on our life and kids and not so much fun projects and well being OCD like I am- it really was driving me nuts. All that stuff and I didn’t know how to make it all clean and new–

So here we are!  A new beautiful blog with a new name and pretty branding that I had fun designing.  I’m bringing over our projects posts from my other blog but that’s pretty much it.

Ahh the smell of new, clean, and fresh- I love it!

I plan on this being my little place in the world– I have a passion for projects and doing them seriously makes me giddy! I also love to take photos for no other reason than to just take a beautiful photo- and well being a mom who spends 99% of her day at home cleaning up messes and taking care of little ones- sometimes I need an outlet that I can make pretty, {I love designing stuff} and that I can say hey look I did something today that hopefully will last for more than 5min {you know what I’m talking about- right?!} While I hope to post stuff that you can use,{ ideas, tutorials, recipes}-This will also a mommy blog so I know I will post things that are for me too – photos of of my kids, fun family things we do, opinions or thoughts that I have and It’ll probably become a place to keep me accountable with somethings I’d like to improve on. Overall I’m just excited to start blogging again- I’ve missed it, and I’ve missed getting to share a side of myself not many people see {the curse of being socially shy} and getting to meet and have friends from all over the world through my blog. Here’s to new beginnings! Happy new blog day!

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