If at first you don’t succeed try try again

This could be my mantra for life- Trying and trying and well let’s see that also means failing and failing and failing- but gotta try and try again.  This blog is one of those try try again things- I don’t know why for sure but I’ve felt prompted that I need to keep up my blog.  It’s been confusing for me because part of me is like- blogs are kinda dead- no one really reads them and mainly what they go to the sites for is for something that they found on pinterest, so why do I feel the need to keep up a blog that also has personal posts on it?? I’m not sure- and I don’t understand but I’ve learned that if I trust those feelings usually it’s for a reason even if it’s not exactly what I expect. I’ve felt guilty too- because I’ve had the feeling for awhile but I’m like– what do I even talk about? I ain’t got time for this 🙂 I feel like I”m drowning with my normal life and the things I already take on.

But the excuses stop today 
Gonna go and do and try! 

So how’s life my blogger friends? Busy? Mine too- I feel like the world has sped up and I’m running full speed ahead. I’m also having some struggles adapting to my ever changing roles in life.

All of my kids will be in School next year and it seriously has me feeling panicked- do you know how long it’s been since I’ve been on my own {over a decade!}- or shopped by myself- it feels weird, {like who do I talk to when I shop- or who covers for me when I’m talking to myself, or who do I blame on the bathroom trip when I gotta go?} I mean really the little one will only be in half a day which really is more hassle then break but i still feel that little bit of panic. Have I treasured my babies enough? All the older mommies say I’ll love it but change is always hard!

Also I have a freaking TEENAGER! help! It’s been going ok and I feel like me and him have a really good relationship but at the same time- there are so many new challenges and concerns. Also the letting go of control – Never realized how much really of a control freak I am- It’s a learning experience for us both- and everyone knows that usually learning experience translates to growing experience and growth is never really comfortable. Being a parent is school in training- sometimes I think we view parenthood as we have it together and now we are going to train other little beings how to have it together- when really we are both training each other in different areas of life- I’ve learned more as a parent then I ever would have not being one.

Let’s see what else has been going on in a quick recap-
Dave lost his job this summer – McAfee did the awesome thing where they decided to close their office, didn’t give anyone any notice and just layed off more than half the office one Monday morning. {the rest would get to keep their job if they decided to move) That was exciting-  It actually was ok- I felt a lot of peace through it and I think a lot of it was because I had followed guidance- we had emergency savings- we had built up our year food storage- we have tried to stay out of debt and keep a good budget- are we perfect- heck no! and I still mess up that budget a lot- dang Amazon! 🙂 but overall I had peace that we would be where we needed to be and things would work out- and they did! Dave found a job at Navex and is enjoying the new challenge.

We also just barely added a new member to our Family- technically it is Payton’s (since he says he’s going to pay me back) She’s a cute little Yorkie- Ewok is what he named her. She’s tiny and pretty much sits on my lap while I babysit her all day. I’m excited for a new puppy- but not excited for the training of a new puppy- ugh

That’s been life pretty much- work on house projects, try to be a mom and keep it all together- Fit photography in when I can manage it- Still try to learn how to cook- {yep still stink at consistently doing it} See something fun and want to do it so I add on extra stress {craft fair anyone!?} and jump through a million different hobbies because somehow being overwhelmed I still get bored- how that works I don’t know

Anyways I am excited to Blog again and ramble to myself a lot- I promise this blog won’t just be personal things- I still love to do projects and to share tutorials ect. but the most important thing is that I am going to start and keep trying- we all know there will be a little failing occasionally because that is just what happens- but I will TRY! and TRY again – like always!





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