It’s Coming!! Can you feel it?

It’s Coming!! Can you feel it?

Fall- Autumn– SNOW!!—– The snow part is what has me outside everyday trying to get all the outside projects done before it flies- because it’s coming!! AHHHH- I’m not ready!

While I’m excited for pumpkins and fall and spices and being stuck inside getting to read by the fire- I have a lot of unfinished outside projects that I want-ha- NEED to get done! 🙂

Project Uno-
Our Garden Shed—it’s been fondly named “The Bloody Garden Shed” {must be said with a nice british accent} since I may have made the doors look like someone was shot and killed there while I was trying to figure out what red paint to use— yes the Garden Shed needs painting— hey we only built it 2 years ago– 2 years is a reasonable amount of time to finally getting around to painting it right– ugh I feel so shameful right now 🙂fallprojects-2

Our Garden Fence— It looks so pretty right! 🙂 I love it– that is until I walk around to the backside– the side I just never quite got around to painting yet—- I am beginning to think I might have a problem with painting our outside projects


and Tres-
The Coop–aka the Never ending coop Project- So far the coop has been one of those– step by step just barely managing what we need to get done so the chickens are good- kind of projects. Our last step was to build the run because we had quite the case of wondering Chickens- Our other free range chickens always stayed in our yard and mostly in our backyard trees– these well I think we made them too friendly:) They loved my front porch and I quite often came home to them hanging out with our dog just chilling on the porch?! and then they thought it was so fun to visit all our neighbors- I said hey we are running a “neighborhood insect removal special” but when cars started having to stop to let the herd of chickens across the street 🙂 well it was time to teach them where home is. fallprojects-4

fallprojects-1-2fallprojects-1The Neighborhood Bug Exterminators 🙂 fallprojects-1-3

I can do this- I can beat the Snow- maybe– hopefully– well at least I’m trying! What projects are you guys working on trying to beat the snow?

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