House Status Update { Wood Floor}

So here’s the weekly house update 🙂
We’ve been working on the Wood Floor
 Isn’t it pretty! I love it! {yes I know we still need to sand it and finish it– but even unfinished I still love it!}
 I love all the characteristics in the wood, the darker one’s and the grain and the worm holes and ya just pretty much everything 🙂
 While installing the floor my main job was to cut boards and get them lined up and out in the pattern I wanted…. I loved looking through the stacks for my favorite boards and putting them in the floor in a spot that I knew I’d get to see them a lot 🙂
This one with the wavy curve is I’m pretty sure my fav. Favorite! So pretty!
We had most the floor done on the weekend { after a very long 14hr. Saturday}– but on Wednesday we finished off the Steps which had a bit of a chicken before egg thing going on with the Newel post– Let’s not talk about Wednesday it was a frustrating day and Thursday too—- We’ve just been a bit burned out on working on the house… ya just a little bit.
BTW though I Love the stairs– another one of  my favorite things in the house!
Anyhow Tomorrow we’re gonna be tackling all this in our house {the dreaded Tile}
 Here’s to another stinkin long Saturday– {bleh} I’m hoping Dave at least get’s feeling better {he’s a sickee tonight} Otherwise it is Really! gonna be a long day tomorrow.
Only 5 weeks left and hopefully this project will be over!
Goings on at the Glenn's

It is looking great! That tile looks like it will be amazing too!

Carlene Fertig

Indeed. Pretty wood flooring! Make sure to keep it in good condition. As much as possible keep things dry in parts of the house that are made of wood, to prevent the wood from degrading, and pests from living in it too.

Carlene Fertig

Ali Foster

Yep 🙂 luckily where I live it is very very dry and we don’t have problems usually from pests living in our wood floors- thankfully!