Baby Boy {mustache & bow ties} Shower

I ain’t gonna lie — I had so much FUN getting to help put together a baby shower for one of my friends! You see given that I don’t have any sisters 🙁 and my one sister-in-law has many sisters) I was feeling like my chances of getting to help put together a baby shower…

The Special K's(0:

So cool! That turned out awesome! And sing it sister! We’ve been instructed to beauty the earth. Pretty is a lot more important than people realize. Scientific studies done on hospital patients showed people recover more quickly in “pretty” rooms, and color therapy in decor is a valid study used in everything from homes to prisons, and even, I kid you not, mood treatments for the blind. See? You’re just healing the world one ridiculously adorable and fabulously thrifty day at a time(0: You go girl(0: I want to be like you when I grow up!


This is one of the cutest parties I’ve seen, seriously! And the fact you spent so little, makes it even better. I’d say, “who cares what others say or think,” but I would find it hard to do so myself. So just know that I think you did an amazing job:). You have so much artistic talent.

And I love the comment above.


I love this. in the process of planning a bow tie shower…thanks for ideas. as for “such a waste”, I think it is an insecure persons way of feeling on top. they likely felt twinges of jealousy at not going the (cheap) extra mile themselves. Chin up buttercup, you did a great job!


So something that has taken us forever and really we lost most if not all motivation on was our yard 🙂 We were able to get lucky and with our loan not have to finish it to move in and be able to just get the money out so we could do it later– but…

House update #who cares I wish we were done :)

Well I know I’ve been quite the slacker on our house updates– I won’t lie our house is a stinkin mess right now!!!– We have so many projects going on the house and absolutely none of them are totally finished– {which is my biggest pet peeve and frustration! I hate leaving just a little bit left to…

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity

It’s looking fantastic. It is so much to do with little ones around, but hang in there as I can feel it in my bones that it is going to look fantastic and function even better.


It looks so good!!! You have worked so hard and now it’s almost done. 🙂 I love everything you’ve done, It’s so pretty!

Rachel Ashmore

Hi…I’m from Our Smalltown Idaho Life. Thanks for the comment. It’s always fun to make a new friend…especially another homebuilder from Idaho! I totally get all the crazy stress/excitement that you’re going through right now. But your place is looking great! I love all the extra, pretty details, and I’m excited to see it all finished.

House Progress {slow} +I hate doing tile

So we’ve been working….. just slowly  I’ve never been a huge fan of tile– and while it’s not really that hard to lay– I just don’t like doing it {and neither does Dave} So over Memorial weekend that was what we were up to…. laying the tile in our house It was a miserable weekend………

Goings on at the Glenn's

the wood floor looks great! Way to go! I love the wood grain and the color of the wood. It is awesome! I too love love the knots and dark features in it

House Status Update { Wood Floor}

So here’s the weekly house update 🙂 We’ve been working on the Wood Floor  Isn’t it pretty! I love it! {yes I know we still need to sand it and finish it– but even unfinished I still love it!}  I love all the characteristics in the wood, the darker one’s and the grain and the…

Goings on at the Glenn's

It is looking great! That tile looks like it will be amazing too!

Carlene Fertig

Indeed. Pretty wood flooring! Make sure to keep it in good condition. As much as possible keep things dry in parts of the house that are made of wood, to prevent the wood from degrading, and pests from living in it too.

Carlene Fertig

Ali Foster

Yep 🙂 luckily where I live it is very very dry and we don’t have problems usually from pests living in our wood floors- thankfully!